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Anyone who holds a full riding licence can become an advanced rider.

* Please note that you will need a valid and up to date photocard licence before partaking in your test. Failure to do so will result in your test being cancelled. (The old style paper licence will still be accepted without photocard)

We recommend that you receive training in preparation for the test.

Our volunteers provide free advanced driver and rider training!

RoSPA has over 60 local groups available to provide voluntary free advice and advanced training in preparation for your test. Some groups cater only for drivers, others for riders and some can cater for both!

If you wish to start advanced rider training, please contact your local group. You will be asked to join the group, for which there will be a small fee to cover costs. This varies group to group, but may be as little as £20.

Once you have joined the group, training is FREE! The groups are formed of volunteers, so training often happens on weekends and evenings.

Groups have volunteer tutors; they have all passed the advanced test themselves at a high grade and have also been trained and assessed in order to meet the requirements to provide training for the advanced test. They also take retests every three years so you can be sure that you will receive a high level of training.

Click here to find your local group.