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Coronavirus – Frequently Asked Questions

RoSPA HQ has had many questions relating to RoADAR operations in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. As we hope you will understand, this is an exceedingly busy time for the HQ-based team, so while we will endeavour to send individual responses to queries, it may take us some time to come back to you.

In the meantime we have prepared the below frequently asked questions based on your emails and phone calls. Please note that these should be treated as guidance only, and any final decisions should be made by groups/examiners themselves, and be based on the latest Government advice.

The advice below, and that sent in emails, is based on what the Government is advising.

Should we cancel/postpone our AGM/group meeting?

Yes. The Government has requested that all “non-essential contact” is avoided, so all in-person meetings should be avoided until further notice. Meetings can be postponed until a later date in the year, and in the case of AGMs, this will mean committees will have to continue in their current form until votes can be taken. However, if you can arrange for your meetings/AGMs to take place remotely, then please do so; there are lots of great web-based resources to allow you to do this, such as Zoom. Group constitutions do allow for electronic voting for officers, so this could be conducted via emails to members. Many of these are free for simple use and non-profit organisations.

Should we cancel ride-outs?

Unfortunately, given the latest Government advice on social distancing, we are now recommending that all ride-outs and other social meets are postponed or cancelled.

What about tutoring?

All tutoring, whether car or bike, should be postponed. Currently we are not expecting to deliver training until at least the end of May, to ensure social distancing, with this date being assessed as the Government updates its advice. If this affects any re/tests due, then these can be postponed.

What about car/bike tests or retests?

If you already have a car or bike re/test booked before the end of May, then your examiner will be in touch to postpone this. Of course, dates are currently subject to the latest Government advice.

What if I cannot take my retest within the three-month “grace period”?

If your retest has already been booked within the normal three-month grace period allowed from expiry, but is subsequently postponed due to coronavirus with a retest date arranged, then your grace period will be extended until you have been able to take your retest. If you are due to take a retest before then end of May but have not yet booked, then your grace period will also be extended until such a time as it is practical to take it.

I’m having a problem with the electronic booking system

If you are experiencing any issues with the booking system when attempting to postponed re/tests, then please email furtherinfo@roadar.org and the team will amend the system accordingly.